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We provide professional guidance and installation expertise for building fire fighting equipments.

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Snowmex Engineers Limited has recently divulged into the installation and maintenance of Fire Fighting services including obtaining Fire 'No Objection Certificate' from state Fire Authorities for complete building clearance.

Our services include:

  1. Water Firefighting Systems - Water-based fire suppression systems use water as a cost-effective and easily accessible medium to release onto flames via a typically stationary piping network. Snowmex works with architects/ consultant using approved drawings / designs to install water pipelines, sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, suppression system, hydrants, air cushion tanks, hose reels etc.

  2. Gas Firefighting Systems - This includes supplying and installing of Manual Co2 extinguishing system and Aerosol system wherein A manual actuator is used to operate the carbon dioxide system.

  3. Foam System: We supply Manual Foam extinguishing system based on site requirements and client needs wherein to gen­er­ate foam, a pro­por­tion­ally con­stant quant­ity of foam­ing agent is added to the water flow using a mix­ing device. The water/foam­ing agent mix cre­ated is frothed up with air in down­stream foam gen­er­at­ors and then ap­plied on the burn­ing ob­ject using the dis­per­sion method best suited to the risk type.

  4. Fire Alarm and Detection Systems: We partner with industry renowned manufacturers such as Honeywell and Siemens to install and commission fire alarm systems in buildings including smoke detectors, manual call boxes, hooters/ sounders, response indicators, Network Repeater Panels, Public Address Systems etc.


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