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Turnkey project by Snowmex Engineers Limited for LIC of India, Ludhiana for HVAC, LT Panel, Fire Fighting, BMS & Ventilatiob

LIC Investment Building, Ludhiana


We are providing complete HVAC, Ventilation, Fire Fighting, Building Management Services, Low Transmission Panel solutions for the complete building. We are also working with the client and consultants to provide Indoor Air Quality solutions ensuring customers visiting the site experience healthy quality of air. The site is currently ongoing.


Chennai International Airport

Complete supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Air Handling Units of 45000 CFM capacity and associated low side equipments at Chennai T1 and T4 Terminals. The site was kept in complete operational status while work was ongoing.

High capacity HVAC equipment installations in operational airports in India
Cooling Tower installation and annual maintenance AC plant contract at Delhi Airport building.


National Air Traffic Services Complex, Delhi

Complete SITC of Cooling Tower along with lifting and shifting of multiple tonnage AC Plant. Snowmex is also currently managing operational and maintenance services of the AC plant installed at NATS Complex, Delhi.


BHEL Noida

Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation system for AHU coils and inside ducts at BHEL, Noida. This system kills airborne pathogens in the room where they are released. Fixtures are installed to prevent direct UV exposures to people in the room.

Indoor Air quality improvement using UVGI lights in AHU coils and ducts and BHEL new building in Noida
Air handling unit and HVAC equipment installation, UVGI and air cleaner filters installation for improvement of air quality


Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Ministry of Civil Aviation

Complete SITC of  different capacity Air Handling Units along with low side associated accessories. Snowmex has also provided complete indoor air quality solutions such as Electronic Air Cleaner, UVGI system along with complete air quality testing for different blocks. We are also managing the operations and maintenance of complete multiple tonnage AC Plant and low side accessories.

HVAC equipment installation at Jeevan Bharti, LIC, New Delhi


Jeevan Bharti Building,
LIC of India, Delhi

Complete replacement of water-cooled chiller, air handling units (26 Nos), condenser and chiller pipeline, LT panels, hot water generator and associated accessories. We also redesigned and installed cooling towers and supplied and installed RO plant in the building.

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