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We provide complete end to end services including Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of complete HVAC System.

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Our expertise is understanding the clients processes and requirements efficiently and ‘designing & building’ these systems for all industrial applications like Dehumidification requirements, High sensible heat requirement areas, humidification requirements etc.

The heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) system of any building is like the respiratory system of a human being. It controls the movement, quality and temperature of air to ventilate, warm and cool the organism. Energy is consumed by the parts of the system that heat and cool the air and movement of air with fans requires energy. Air or water is heated or cooled using direct contact with heat or refrigerants and pushed through pathways (ducts or tubes), Well-engineered ventilation patterns aid circulation, introduce fresh air and controls the buildup of carbon dioxide (a byproduct of human respiration), carbon monoxide (from combustion sources) and miscellaneous toxic gases from building materials and household activities.

We are into complete Designing, Supplying, Installing & Commissioning of complete HVAC System including items right from Chillers (Air Cooled / Water Cooled/ Reciprocating/ Centrifugal), Pumps, Air Handling Units, Treated Fresh Air Units, Ducting, Piping, Insulation.

Our Expertise

Snowmex Engineers Limited ensures clients come first, hence we ensure to retain and maintain relations with different equipment manufacturers such as :

Daikin, Trane, Mitsubishi Climaveneta etc. for Chillers,

Edgetech, Zeco Aircon, Waves etc. for Air Handling Units / Treated Fresh Air Units,

Bell, Paharpur, Advance etc. for Cooling Towers,

Humidin, Wolter, Kruger etc. for Ventilation units,

Castle, Sant, Emerald, Leader, Hilti etc. for low side equipments

so that our clients can get the best quality equipment within their budget and site requirements. Our HVAC technicians also perform air conditioning installation and repairs, ensuring that systems are running optimally to provide the desired cooling effects. We also provide and install heating equipment such as hot water generators / boilers, heater banks etc. to ensure heating effects can be obtained during those cold days.



At Snowmex Engineers Limited, we are committed to providing our clients with complete HVAC solutions. We understand that every client and site is unique, and therefore, we take a personalised approach to every project, ensuring that the HVAC system is tailored to the specific needs of the building. Our team of professionals is well-versed in different types of HVAC systems, including air conditioning for offices, buildings, hospitals, OT, laboratories, malls, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, and more.

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