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We provide HVAC annual maintenance contracts of the systems to reduce operational vulnerabilities of the system.

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We have industry level knowledge and expertise in conducting performance analysis of HVAC systems with the help of precise instrumentation to determine the performance of equipment and compare it with actuals.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

  • Reduced Repair Costs - Regular maintenance can help identify and address small issues before they turn into major problems.

  • Improved Air Quality - Proper maintenance and cleaning of equipments can help remove pollutants, dust, and allergens from the air hence creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for employees and clients.

  • Increased Power Efficiency - Regular maintenance and repairs can help ensure that HVAC system is running efficiently thus reducing energy consumption and cost of utility bills.

  • Longer Equipment Lifespan - Proper maintenance and repair can help extend the lifespan of HVAC equipment thereby reducing the need for costly replacements.

  • Increased Comfort - Snowmex helps create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment by ensuring maintenance activities are taken up to upkeep system which in turn allows for a boost in employee morale and productivity.

  • Reduced Downtime - Regular maintenance and repair activities help prevent unexpected breakdowns and system failures, reducing downtime and lost productivity.

Being in this industry for over 25 years allows us to say we are one of the best service contractors in India as our team provide our clients with the highest quality of service, ensuring that their HVAC systems are designed, installed, and maintained to the highest standards. We use only the best materials and equipment, ensuring that your HVAC system is reliable, durable, and long-lasting.


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