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We provide expert guidance and advice on HVAC design, considering factors such as the building's location, orientation, and usage.

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Our offered HVAC consultancy service involves working with respective owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to develop HVAC solutions that meet the clients specific needs. The process entails a comprehensive analysis of the building’s heating and cooling requirements such as the calculation of heat load required, the selection of appropriate HVAC equipment and the load calculation, and the design of a system that integrates with other building systems.

Our HVAC consultants work with the system manufacturers and architects to provide the latest technologies, codes, and regulations to the client. We can advise on the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions, considering factors such as the building’s location, site weather conditions, number of people using the area, ventilation of the building, orientation, usage etc.


  1. Provide retrofit solutions for existing buildings,

  2. Upgrading or replacing outdated equipment and improving system controls,

  3. Implementing energy-saving measures in accordance to ASHRAE/ ISHRAE requirements


  1. SITE SURVEY AND PROPOSED SOLUTIONS: This involves evaluating the existing MEP systems, identifying any deficiencies or opportunities for improvement, and making recommendations for design solutions.

  2. DESIGN REPORT SUBMITTAL: Our consultant will then create a concept design based on the site survey thereby incorporating MEP solutions that meet the clients requirements, budget and preferences. The report may include the proposed systems, equipment, and materials required based on a cumulative study of different parameters on the site.

  3. PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL: Snowmex consultant will submit a budgetary proposal including a bill of quantities, material specifications, and/ or tender documents, and approving all data sheets and technical submittals.

  4. COMMISSION MANAGEMENT: If the client is happy with the budget, we are happy to take over as a service provider for the job. Else, our consultants commit to oversee the installation and commissioning of the MEP systems to ensure that they meet the design specifications and function efficiently and effectively. This may include project management, equipment procurement, installation oversight, commissioning and testing, handover and training to the site supervisor and team.

Snowmex Engineers Limited prioritises client scope and requirements and we work hard to ensure the required specifications are matched, however are diligent and amendable in the process, if required. We look forward to proving your business a range of benefits by optimising your site's system efficiency, enhance indoor comfort and air quality. We shall ensure compliance with building codes and standards, and aim to create a healthier indoor environment thereby increasing your property value.


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